Immo France Sud
There are many estate agencies.
Few of them are built with over 40 years of experience on the Côte d'Azur property market, like Immo France Sud.
Immo France Sud is an agency specialising in selling, buying and seasonal renting, and is an accredited expert in property valuation.
Its management is a member of the Collège National des Experts en Immobilier.
This combination of skills is available to our French and International clientele and brings together a multilingual, experienced, dynamic and passionate team.
Our vast experience underlines the importance of listening carefully to our clients' needs and wishes before embarking on their property project.
Armed with this in-depth information, our work begins.
Working with you as a team, we will realise your property project.

Renting and managing your property:
We've been doing this for more than four decades and manage both large properties and village houses.
Our owners, who often live abroad or at a distance, do not worry about anything concerning their property.
The mail is checked, the house and swimming pool are maintained, any faults or damages repaired - in short, Immo France Sud replaces the owner on those aspects that he or she wishes.
When the house is rented, the tenant has been checked, the house is impeccably clean on arrival, the beds are made, and the rent and deposit are in our escrow account, previous to arrival.
Throughout the rental period, we are there for the tenant, providing cleaners and/or a cook on request and to quickly resolve eventual breakdowns.
We're here to help you make the most of your property investment and take the hassle out of owning a property at a distance.